Check.php Problehm

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Check.php Problehm

Beitrag  Turbo am Sa Feb 27, 2010 1:30 pm

Wenn Ich Auf [Sie müssen registriert oder eingeloggt sein, um diesen Link sehen zu können] gehe kommt das:

Welcome to HoloCMS

In order to have the best experence with HoloCMS, you MUST do/already have done the following (failure to do all steps below with result in errors):

1. Replaced your old HoloCMS installation including all web-gallery files
2. Excuted install.php.
3. Have a RaGEZONE account (no reason here, but for those who came from another forum, know that this site is far superior).
4. Make sure the link given to you was posted by yifan_lu, if not, HoloCMS will screw up your server

Found a bug?

Please do not post bugs in the forum topic, post it here: Assembla so I can organize them and help you. I will not fix bugs posted in the forum.

Compatible Data

If you came from:
3.1.X BETA, 3.0.X.X, 2.1.1, or lower:
Please replace all files and run install.php3.1.X:
Run replace all files and run upgrade.php

Now that you read this, delete check.php to continue.

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Re: Check.php Problehm

Beitrag  Lazoking am Di März 02, 2010 4:14 pm

Du musst in htdocs Ordner gehen.
Und danach die check.php löschen.
Fertig.Ey Wenn deine Hotel Fertig ist.Kannst du mich da
Admin oder MOD machen?

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